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Bike Service & Repair


At Gear Up we take pride in providing the highest quality work to ensure your bicycle leaves our hands in the best possible condition. Rather than cutting corners, our service technicians believe in taking the time you and your bike deserve. If you have any questions on services or estimates for completing orders, we’d love to hear from you so we can provide personalized answers.

Our volume of service and repair work fluctuates greatly, largely due to weather and seasonality. For more information, please feel free to stop by for more a detailed estimate.

Tune-Up Package Options

Charges are for labor only, all parts are in addition:


  • Adjust brakes front and rear
    Adjust derailleur front and rear
    True wheels front and rear
    Adjust all bearings
    Lube chain and cables


  • Adjust brakes front and rear
    Adjust derailleur front and rear
    True wheels front and rear
    Adjust all bearings
    Lube chain and cables
    Clean cranks, chain, cassette and derailleurs

Complete Overhaul

  • Bike is disassembled and cleaned
    Headset, hubs and bottom bracket overhauled
    Cables changed if needed
    Complete tune-up and drivetrain cleaning
    (Parts and Hydraulic Brake Service extra)

Contact us to schedule your bike service today.

Service Policies

  • Service labor is warranted for a period of 30 days. Thereafter, the Service Manager at his sole discretion will consider extension of this period for a specific repair. Service parts are warranted only to extent of expressed warranty by the manufacturer. The Service Manager may provide store warranty for non-warranted parts at his sole discretion.
  • Generally “First Come, First Served.” Exceptions might include waiting for parts or special tools, or waiting for specific personnel to be available. Vintage bikes or “labors of love” may require additional time. Short, simple jobs such as tire/tube replacement may be scheduled quickly, “On the Fly.”
  • Service check-in is required for all bikes. Work to be done and estimate of charges must be approved by the customer. Bikes may not be simply dropped off for service to “do whatever’s needed.”
  • Completion dates are estimated as part of service check-in. They are not guaranteed. We make every effort to complete projects on time. We will call you when your project is completed. Service times can run as much as 3-4 weeks during peak season.
  • Frame and wheel cleaning are always a la carte. Additional charges apply.
  • All part orders are subject to shipping charges.
  • Internet, “Big Box,” Department Store and “Vintage” bikes, equipment and parts are subject to additional labor charges.
  • We do not loan tools.

Quality Control

At Gear Up Cyclery, Quality Control begins with professional personnel and training but does not end there. We have invested in our Service Department and offer a well-trained and competent mechanical staff and facility. Quality Control also depends upon high quality products. Gear Up works with only the best suppliers and dealers in the industry with a reputation for quality and service. Names like Specialized, Electra, Bianchi, Shimano, SRAM, Park Tool, Quality Bicycle Products, J&B Imports and Hawley setting the standard for quality throughout the country and world-wide.

But mostly, Quality Control is an attitude and a process. Elements include:

  • Professional standards and practices. Repair information resources make daily appearances at Gear Up. From manufacturers’ YouTube videos to the Barnett Manual to Sutherland’s Handbook and the Park Tool Big Blue Book… we use these every day to inform our work.
  • The right tools. Proper and safe bicycle assembly and repair requires specialty tools. Gear Up already has them or will get them for your repair if needed. Park Tool, symbolized by their blue handles, is the standard in any good bicycle shop.  We also source specialty tools through such suppliers as United Bicycle Supply… tools from manufacturers like Bicycle Research, Var, Hozan, and Stein. Torque wrenches are part of our daily work.
  • Clean parts. Clean parts work better. Gear Up has a dedicated area for parts cleaning stocked with all the solvents, tools and supplies necessary to do the job properly. For many projects we use an ultrasonic parts cleaning process with a specialty unit from Crest Ultrasonics. Adapted from the firearms industry, this is the ultimate in parts cleaning technology.
  • Checking our work. We all make mistakes or overlook things – even the best bicycle mechanics. The trick is to make sure that all mechanical projects, whether a new bike build or a repair, are safe and complete BEFORE they get to the customer. Here at Gear Up all work is checked by a second person, in detail, before it leaves the Service Department. This is done by the Service Manager or assigned to another of our trained mechanics.
  • Customer access. Our repair shop is in sight of the customer. There is nothing going on behind the scenes that isn’t within full view – with the possible messy exception of cleaning parts. Customers are free to converse with the service personnel about their project, ask questions, and watch the process take place in the open shop.

You can be assured that your bike will receive the time, care and attention it deserves at Gear Up Cyclery.