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Shimano Tiagra Braze-On Front Derailleur (Triple Chainring)

Shimano Tiagra Braze-On Front Derailleur (Triple Chainring)
The Tiagra Clamp-On Front Derailleur (Triple Chainring). Image of Braze-On model unavailable from manufacturer.
This item is currently not available.


Shimano's Tiagra Braze-On Front Derailleur provides quick shifting. And, the clear-coated aluminum body and plated-steel cage are extra durable so you can enjoy smooth shifts mile after mile.

Braze-on front derailleurs mount to either a built-in frame mount (left) or to a clamp mounted around the seat tube like the one on the right.
Capacity is calculated by subtracting your smallest chainring's tooth count from the largest chainring's tooth count. Example: 53/39 chainrings: 53 - 39 = 14-tooth capacity.